General Information About Myself

I am Gauri Maya Ghalan. I Live in Hetauda 15, Churiyamai, Makawanpur. I am 25 years old. I have finished my school level education (+2) in management from Makawanpur Multiple Campus.
                                                               .I am form Tamang community. Tamang community Losar is a important festival. Another festival also celebrated in my community like Deshin, Tihar, Holi, Teej etc. People spent more money for celebrating these festivals.

                                I am a social Mobilizer in Empowerment with Dignity and Sustainable (SEEDS) Programme, which is implemented by SAHAS Nepal. The funding partner of SEEDS programme is Stromme Foundation. I am working here since three years. I am working with basically women from Tamang community in Makawanpur.
                                I was engaged for running REFLECT center, organized Self-help Group (SHG). In REFLECT center there are 25-30 women sit together once a week and discussed the different local i…


 24 December 2018. This year I got chance to Celebrate Christmas with My room mate Sabita for both it was first Christmas eve in Norge . We both are not Christian . We both belongs different Religions (Buddhist and Hindu) but i don`t think its sin to Celebrate other festival .We both are very happy be part of this year on Christmas at udland Church and Haugesund red kors. They organize this Christmas eve  every year  for alone people and who don`t want to sit alone home on this Christmas .  I saw on this programm mostly older people come to Celebrete Christmas but is not that mean they don`t have Children mostly older people have 2 and 3 Children but some Children are out of country and some Children busy their on family .  Through the Haugesund red kors  one boy came there to wear Santa Claus dress and he start to give them Christmas present and they are so happy when they got present which is sent  by their children .
On this: Christmas Norwegian People are eat a …